Piano Regionale Agricolo Forestale (PRAF 2012-2015 Regione Toscana)
OLEAELISIR - 01/05/2014-01/05/2016

Identification and marketing of innovative and poly-functional agro-products fundamental for human health


The aim of this project is to obtain a very innovative compound (olive elisir) with a high content of polyphenols, from the treatment of waste material, to be employed in food and cosmetic field. Regione Toscana in the framework of Europe 2020, promotes the transfer of the knowledge and the innovative ideas into new compounds.

To this aim, the OLEAELISIR project satisfies this application, and, moreover, it may be useful to induce an improvement in the field of olive processing and particularly an advantageous utilization of olive mill waste waters, which would be enhanced.