Applied Ecology and biological control

Contact: Marcello Verdinelli (Unit of Sassari - Li Punti)
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The activity of the research group is directed mainly to basic and applied research in agricultural, forest and urban entomology. The integration of different skills is intended to promote the development of environmental management strategies for the control of pests and the definition of bioassessing methods.

The research group topics are:

  • Taxonomy and ecology of insects of economic and environmental importance (Lepidoptera, Heteroptera, Formicidae, Neuroptera);
  • Multimetric biomonitoring methods based on arthropod community structure and function. Study of indicator systems for ecosystem health;
  • Management of invasive species through classical biological control. Ecological studies on the interactions among exotic and native populations;
  • Development of integrated pest management strategies; Biological activity of natural and synthetic substances on test insects.